Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Review: Guest Blog: Staying Late At Work: You're Going To Have To

My favorite blog was “Guest Blog: Staying Late At Work: You’re Going To Have To”. What I like about the appearance of the blog is I like the fact how it has an image on the background of nursing tools. It doesn't really have any colors, it’s just the background image that has color which it has grey and black. It may not have creativity, but I still like it especially since the blog is about how what you experience or expect when you stay in late to start your shift and other information. The blog post does not have any labels, but what the title tells what the blog is about is what nurses have to go through when they stay in late to work, but depending what their shift hours are. Also on how staying in late at work or how many hours you do, you get paid hourly, which in that case it’s a great opportunity, but a difficult, tiring thing to do. 

What the Guest Blog: Staying Late At Work: You’re Going To Have To” blog post about is it talks about how often do you stay later than your shift demands, what kinds of unexpected things happen, how does it make you feel, and last but not least it asks if nurses go through the same. It talks about how nurses get paid hourly and by that, it’s a huge blessing how much they get paid. I mean some people work in offices, business industries, engineers, etc and they get paid salary. Those jobs are also as stressful as being a nurse, especially staying in late at work and they get paid the same amount. On the other hand, the blog post to me was credible. It didn't have any sources of information, but it was a personal reflection.

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