Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Deal With Difficult Patients As A Nurse

In nursing, most nurses don't like the patients they take care of because people in general are/can be difficult to deal with. in addition to that, their medications and conditions such as confusion can make the patient behave in a way that nurses won't understand. Also, some patients just never seem to be satisfied with anything their caretaker does for them. For example, one way to deal with a difficult patient is to always remember in what position the patient is in. Most patients may feel that they're not getting enough attention or that people aren't listening to their concerns. Not only that but one as a nurse, has to know that the patient is sick, may be uncomfortable, frustrated, or frightened. I mean it's not their choice to be patients; it's the nurses choice to be a nurse.

Another way to deal with a difficult patient is whenever they're talking to you, don't just hear what they're saying, listen to them. You have to be able to let them know that you're paying attention to them like keeping eye contact with them. Don't just stand there with your arms crossed, don't keep looking at your watch making it seem like you have someplace else more important to be. As a matter of fact, it's been said that approximately 80% of our communication is nonverbal so that is why it's important to listen to them.

Lastly, another way to deal with difficult patients is to be nice, be caring and keep your promises. As a nurse, it's their role not to just provide safe care, but also provide them support, information and reassurance to the patients. Not being nice to the patients will just cause them not to be nice to you. Nurses make commitments to these things when they choose nursing.

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